A Unique Form Of Street Art Has Hit The Streets

Art comes in many forms and one of the most underrated forms of all time is street art. Like conventional forms of art, street art has the power to captivate and encourage those small-minded folk to stop for a minute and meditate over the true meaning of the street art piece and what it discloses about modern day society.

This piece below was designed to encourage the general public to get involved in some street art of their own by generating a continuous list of the phrase ‘before I die I want to…’. Not only does this street art piece go beyond the boundaries to what is regarded as ‘socially acceptable’ it also proved to be incredibly effective proving that members of the public still appreciate the wonders that street art has to offer.

As you can see, the public took fondly to this form of street art and the final result proved to be incredible as every single slot was filled up with personal and some rather silly suggestions. Street art pieces like the one below seek to drastically alter the public’s perception of street art and to get them involved in something bigger if not at least consider the meaning behind the piece in order to be able to fully appreciate the works that many anonymous street artists have brought to the streets.

Street art pieces such as the one below bring out our imagination and ‘inner child’ should we allow it and prove that although we may disregard the idea of street art we still somehow manage to value the pseudonym artists have gifted our streets.

Sadly, not all people manage to allow for this inner child to come out and understandably relate signature bus shelter graffiti to that of street art making it all the more challenging for street artists to speak to their audience.

If you’d like to see more street art pieces like the one below then consider getting in touch with East End Tours to book yourself on one of their brilliant street art London walks and uncover the true meaning behind the art that is splashed across the walls of the East End.


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