Banksy Artwork Removed

When you create something, you want people to see it and appreciate it. Banksy feels the same. Unfortunately though, his most recent work has not been met with positive applause unlike his previous endeavours.

Banksy, whose identity is somewhat unknown, has recently been thought to be spending a month-long residency in New York. When two pieces of original graffiti artwork were found around the big apple, his whereabouts was confirmed.

The news of him being in New York was echoed when he posted on his website that he will be ‘attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York’ and so far he is keeping to his word, even if the people of New York do not welcome it.

Under a day after Bansky has created his work, the people of New York have either painted over it with white paint or have vandalised it further with their own graffiti.

The pieces he created were very similar to the pieces you will find on a Street Art London Tour, only the ones there actually remain. Although, saying that, one piece of artwork created by Banksy has been removed from the side of a shop, but this has been done to put the piece up for auction, so it is not quite the same.

The piece was cut out from the side of a shop in Tottenham so it could go up for auction in 2014. It is estimated to make quite a bit of money and used for the local community.

If you want to see some of his work though, visit a Street Art London Tour and find pieces that aren’t removed after just one day.


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