London Is The Place To Be

When it comes to enjoying tours, London is one of the best places to go. With so many London Tours available to suit every interest and every personality, you’d be silly to not go on at least one.

Discovering London and uncovering some of its greatest history is a brilliant day out for all of the family. They can entertain, educate and excite which is exactly what you want from a London Tour.

Some great examples include the East End Tour, the Street Art London Tour and the Krays Tour.

The East End Tour consists of tons of history and fair amount of pubs too. This allows you to enjoy your favourite tipple in a historical pub environment where you will get the opportunity to learn about Jack the Ripper, secret courtyards and the famous landmarks of our pastime.

The Street Art London Tour; clue is in the name, this involves visiting some of the best parts in the world where incredible street art has been left by well-known artists like Banksy. You will see original messages from the man himself and get to see some simply smashing graffiti.

The Krays Tour is all about the most notorious gangsters known to ever walk the streets of London. Dive into the history of their lives and uncover the real story behind the dynamic duo. This tour brings the history of Ronnie and Reggie Kray to life and you can even walk the streets where they spent their childhood. This is a great historical tour that remembers two incredible personalities.

These are just some of the tours in London, but the capital is full of great entertainment, places to go and landmarks to see. Get yourself onto a London tour this year and open up your eyes to some untold tales of hundreds of years ago.


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