10 Things to Know About the Unknown East End Walking Tour

10 Things to Know About the Unknown East End Walking TourThere is no shortage of tourist attractions in the UK. There are so many great places to see and almost all of them provide guided tours which will enhance your experience. Tourism is no doubt a serious business in Great Britain. Certain tours enjoy more prominence and demand than others. The Unknown East End Walking Tour is one of them. Over the years it has garnered great praise and fame among tourists and critics alike with Trip Advisor and East End Advisor citing positive experiences.

Below, we will highlight 10 things about the tour for those who want to know more about it.

  1. You will see parts of London no one knows about. It is after all called the Unknown East End Walking tour for a reason.
  2. Tour Timings are Friday Saturday and Sunday. The weekend is the best time to take such tours because the groups are larger which only adds to the overall fun.
  3. The tour starts at 11am and 2pm offering you flexibility of time to take the tour as you see fit.
  4. The tour starts at Exit 3 Aldgate East Station. It’s a very popular hangout. Even people who visit UK for the first time have no trouble finding it.
  5. Tour takes one hour and 30 minutes to complete.
  6. The tour costs £9.  For an hour and a half of non-stop entertainment, this is certainly a bargain for everyone.
  7. There are plenty of cafes and pubs along the way..
  8. During the tour you will also see first-hand street art on display. They make for great photo opportunities.
  9. You get to see the Ten Bells; the famous pub where most of the victims of Jack the Ripper frequented and were last seen. It has been mentioned in numerous movies and you will get to see it first-hand.
  10. When the tour ends, you will find yourself within walking distance of historical pubs and cafes. They are idea for a quick snack or a drink.

Be sure to have that camera ready as there is plenty to see on the East End Walks.


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