How to Get Around London on a Tight Budget

London TravelcardNot everyone has a big holiday budget and there are a number of things that you can do to have a great trip away even when you are watching the pennies.

Take Guided Tours and Walks

Guides tours and walks are extremely fun and extremely affordable. There are a wide range of tours that are available to choose from in London. Some of the walking tours include the Jack the Ripper Tour, East End London Tour, and the Krays tour. You can chose any London tour according to your interests.

Travel In Public Transport, Avoid Taxis

Taxis cost way more than public transport. Taking a bus while traveling in London isn’t a bad choice at all. You get a front row seat to see beautiful city from a different view. There are lots of photo opportunities along the way so be sure to take your camera.

Get a Travelcard for Unlimited Underground Transportation

Travelcards help you save money on underground transportation and the bus system. Travelcards give you unlimited transportation within all zones of London. The zones include the Docklands Light Railway and some British Rail trains. A travelcard can come very handy while one is on a London tour.

Keep Your Restaurants List Handy

There is no shortage of fine cuisine in London. If you want to enjoy affordable lunches, dinners, coffees and deserts, you should be aware of all the places that offer these things in cheap price.

With these tips, you can get around London and have a great vacation on a tight budget!


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