The East End Tour – Venture Into Hidden London

The East End Tour – Venture Into Hidden LondonGreat Britain is an amazing place to visit with its beautiful landscapes, elegant castles, historic buildings and streets. History is something that you will find in abundance in UK. It is so intriguing that millions of visitors visit UK every year just to be a part of it. East End Tours are one such example of history being revealed and they are famous for their mystery, history and curiosity making it a must-see attraction in London.

The East End Tour exhibits the hidden London you won’t find in any guide book. People who take this tour see London’s vibrant and rich culture. They also listen to the quirky tales associated with Brick Lane, the highlight of the tour. Brick Lane is home to some of the finest cafés in the city. It branches off to several narrow streets and alleys ready for exploration. It is this sense of adventure that tickles the imagination of the visitors. As they explore the narrow streets, they get a first-hand look of history on display. Edwardian Houses that have been lost in time and hidden away from public view are the main attraction here.

There are other attractions to name as well of course. Tourists will also get to visit the following well known places.

  • Spitalfields Market
  • Christ Church
  • Itchy Park
  • Ten Bells Pub

The Ten Bells Pub is particularly popular among the visitors as the infamous Jack the Ripper was rumoured to frequent this place and some of his victims were also visitors to this pub.

The entire East End Tour lasts an hour and 30 minutes after which you will be guided to a historical local pub or a café were you can relax and talk about what you just experienced. It is a great family activity that is fun, adventurous and exciting. If you are planning a tour of London, write this down on your must-do list. It’s well worth the experience.


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