Why Banksy Canvas Art is So Popular


When we talk about street art, the first and the most prominent name that comes to mind is the name of Banksy. Banksy’s art is unique and is often criticized for being so out in the open. The main reason why the artwork of Banksy is so famous has to do with Banksy himself. It is his elusive image and that sense of curiosity that has interested people to take interest in Banksy and his art. His phenomena is to let his art talk on his behalf.

Banksy steers clear from the eye of the public and let his artwork do the talking. No person till date has seen what he looks like and everyone has their own version of whom they perceive to be Banksy. While all other artists are busy promoting themselves and their artwork, Banksy continues to wow his fans and followers with his witty and humorous artwork. He strikes in the darkness of night and vanishes into thick hair leaving behind nothing but his masterpieces on the streets of London.

A lot of work by Banksy is painted on walls around the lower class area of London hence the reason why you will find a major portion of his paintings in dark dusty lanes, died plants and dirty and old buildings. Despite so many irregularities, the art work of Banksy never fails to amuse and impress the eye of the people and that is what real talent is all about.

It wouldn’t be wrong to label Banksy as a social reformist because most of his art work is focused around pressing subjects. He uses his street art to promote and depict the harsh realities of life in a more entertaining and humorous way. You have to see his artwork in order to believe it which is why Street Art London tours provides tours that take you through these streets and show you all the work of Banksy along with other equally talented and brilliant artists.


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