Kray Twins Have No Regrets

The Kray Twins are infamous around the world as vicious and violent gangsters, but in the East End of London they are known as the Robin Hoods of their time who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The amount of money that the Kray Twins raised for charity was certainly not something to be sniffed at. The Kray Twins were very caring men, but definitely not a duo you would want to get on the wrong side of.

This point was proven when George Cornell called Ronnie Kray a ‘fat poof’, Ronnie then shot George in between the eyes. George died moments later in the place where he was shot – the middle of the Blind Beggar Pub.

Further to Reggie dying recently, Ronnie was reported to have said that if he was given a second chance at his life he would not change a thing but as much as he did not enjoy committing a murder he still had a good life.

Ronnie went on to say that he and Reggie have no regrets. He then went on to say that people he has now met have become like family to him and if he had not done what he did then he would not have met these people who now bless his life.

Kray Twins no regrets

Ronnie feels that he just lived in the East End of London as it was in those days, it was a violent place and he lived his life in a violent way as he felt that that was the way of life back in the day of his gangster reign.

But maybe the Kray Twins have changed? A Prison Warden at Maidstone Jail, where Ronnie is imprisoned, said that Ronnie was a model prisoner. He added that Ronnie was as good as gold and now an elderly gentleman. Another member of staff at the Maidstone Jail said that if every prisoner was like Ronnie then there would be no trouble at all.

So how was this now “good as gold, elderly gentleman” once a notorious gangster in the East End? Why not book yourself onto the East End Tours version of the Kray’s Tour and find out where the twins lived, where they ruled and where the fights and murders took place.


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