Follow the yellow brick lane

Well it might not exactly be yellow, but it certainly is a place you will never forget. East End Tours introduces an eye opening tour to the hidden parts of London exploring the culture and diversity of the city named The Unknown East End Walking Tour.

On this special tour, you’ll find walls splashed with the voices of many street artists, discover Edwardian houses, be swept away by the newer society of London, pleasant cafés tucked away in these narrow streets and a fruit and vegetable market from 1682.

As you walk along the hidden East End of London, the streets whisper their history as they guide you to dive into one of the governments of once most feared neighbourhood. Although once poor, it was also one of the richest in social ferment and artistic expression. Well-known for its rampant street crime in the late 19th century and history of The Elephant man, this is a not a walk to miss.

With the East Ends mixture of history from World War 2 bombings to Whitechapel streets once filled with anarchism, a fantastic array of street art and Jack the Ripper’s hot spot haunt, The Unknown East End Walking Tour reveals it all.

On this over hour long tour, you will uncover the history behind some of London’s most intriguing closed door. You’ll be granted an unforgettable insight into the lives of those who had previously lived in the East End.


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