The White Hart Pub – Survivor of 1888 Era

White hart pubWhitechapel history has some bright and some very dark chapters that brought the attention of many to this, once neglected, area of London.

Now the Whitechapel looks a little different to what it used to be in 1888, but it still strikes a similar resemblance. If you have taken East End Tours then you will get a chance to visit the famous pub named ‘The White Hart’, which is located in the heart of the Whitechapel area.

George Chapman - Jack the Ripper suspectThe reason this pub has been brought to light is because of its history and its relevance with the tough and evil times that Whitechapel had to endure. A suspect of Jack the Ripper case, George Chapman, used to work at the basement of the pub as a barber. He was considered as a prime suspect and his history strongly made people doubt him as a killer. Though the verdict on the real identity of the killer was never passed on due to lack of evidence, The White Hart pub remembers the killer.

The White Hart pub has incorporated some of the latest features and visitors can take pleasure in the variety of drinks they have to offer.

logoThe upstairs of the pub is dedicated for music performances and for theatre. The pub on the sporting event does get crowded but on normal occasion it has fairly decent space to accommodate plenty of people. On the wall of the pub you will also notice a board stating ‘Who Was Jack the Ripper’ and some facts regarding the case. This means the pub hasn’t forgotten the time and has kept hold of its history well.

A visit to this surviving pub of 1888 times may enlighten you on few facts of the Ripper case as well and may learn more about this killer. An East End Tour is more than just visiting this pub though, so you should see what it has in store for you.


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