East End in 1800 – A Little Different Picture Now

east end in the 1800'sThe East End that we see nowadays is nothing as it was back in 1800. The diversity in culture, the variety in food and the art of the East End attracts hundreds of people every year.

The story was a little different back then and tourists can get to know in detail about it by taking East End Tours. The dark alleys and the chilling winters are still there but people have changed and so has the way of life. To get a clear picture of how different East End was in 1800, below is a little description about the lifestyle of that time.

East end in the 1800's 2The amenities and the luxuries we get to see now in East End was once a farfetched idea. People were barely managing daily food supplies. They could afford travel and clothes were not something like the designers of today. Poverty stricken East End was seeing a very hard time and the locals were suffering from various illnesses that required expensive treatment. Though London was still in the developing condition and the Royal Family was focusing on taking London onto the road of success, the East End didn’t get much of their attention.

Sadly, people of East End were forced into committing small crimes or choosing defaming choices such as prostitution. This era saw prostitution at its peak as it was the only source for some families to feed their children. Women were the only caretakers of many families that led them into this horrific lifestyle. Just to gather a bit of money for the day, these poor women sold themselves to poor and rich without any care for their own health and safety.

east end of londonThere are many Jewish families located in and around London now but in 1800 East End area saw a vast number of Jewish Immigrants moving into East End, especially in 1888. Since the East End was already trying to cope with heavy population, the Jewish influx made things a little more complicated as things went from bad to worst. Poor Jews also started struggling to feed their families and looked for work here and there but since they had a different language, different clothing style, they faced tough resistance from people to accept them.

Life is completely different now in East End and it is now considered as one of the most happening places in London. However, London will never forget what this part suffered and what horrific crimes took place. It is pleasing to see that this area of London has recovered greatly from that time and is now becoming a hot spot for tourists.


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