London Ghost Tours: The Most Spine Chilling Experience of Your Life

London is one of the most thriving and lively cities in the UK. While there are many colorful events organised on a regular basis for the tourists as well as for the native crowds, the city of London holds a very dark history.

London is the home of the Great Plague, wars, public executions, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Jack the Ripper, graver robbers and more. There are plenty of tours around London and here is a list of those:

The Ghost Bus: Many people believe it is really hauntedlondon ghost tours

The Ghost Bus was once a transportation service that provided funeral transportation for a coffin, pallbearers as well as around 50 mourners in one single bus. The bus was painted with black color to portray the sorrow of the families of deceased. The service was active in the 19th century and served a lot of people throughout the city of London. The service was closed down in year 1967 but one of the remaining busses was kept safe. Today, the Ghost Bus tours in London allow visitors to not only see the Ghost Bus but to travel in it as well. Be ready to experience ghost sightings during the Ghost Bus tour.

Jack the Ripper Walk: Walk Where the Unforgiving Killer Walked

Jack the Ripper Walk has been one of the most famous London tours for the tourists. A lot of tourists have taken Jack the Ripper Walk several times because it is so interesting and spine chilling that by going through the same tour again and again you will learn more each time. Jack the Ripper has always been known as the symbol of terror not only for London inhabitants but for people all around the globe. Jack the Ripper Walk takes you to the spots where Jack the Ripper brutalized his victims as well as to those where he left clues behind him.

The East End Pub Tour

East End Pub Tours are designed for those who have a keen interest in the cultural history ofeast end pub tours London. The tour takes you to various pubs in London that hold significance related to the horrifying London history. You will get a chance to explore the shadows and brooding back-alleys, zigzag passageways and secret courtyards of East End walks. The East End Pub Tour also includes the tour to ‘The Ten Bells’, which is believed to be the pub where Jack the Ripper found and met many of his victims who he brutally killed later.

These are some of the tours in and around London but they are highly entertaining and well worth a visit, especially if you enjoy history and being spooked!


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