The Kray Tour: Experience the Rise of Evil Krays Twins

kray twinsThe Kray twins are known as the most notorious gangsters in the history of Britain. These two brothers were a symbol of terror for being the gang lords of the London underworld. The Kray tour is designed to show the tourists how Kray twins got the ultimate power and fame back in their time and it became impossible for the police and other law and justice organisations to stop their crimes.

The tour guide of the Kray tour would take you to the spots where Ronnie and Reggie Kray (the Kray Twins) spent their time as well as where they attempted their crimes. You will also be taken to the area where the Kray twins lived their early childhood and teenage years, such as Whitechapel and Bethnal Green. You will be surprised when the tour guide will tell you that Kray twins were once boxers.  They were in fact very famous as boxing professionals in London. It is hard to understand what turned the minds of these two brothers that they became gangsters by leaving a respected and exciting profession such as boxing.

The Kray Tour also includes the following:

  • The whole story of the Kray, including information about their ancestors, their crimes, thekray twins 2 trails they left at various locations and much more. No stone will be left unturned.
  • Tourists will be taken to the location of Kray twin’s family home.
  • Visit to those public houses where the brothers planned their next moves.
  • A thorough stay at the boxing club where Kray were. Tourists would be given the information about the matches Kray twins took part in, how many they won, how many they lost and who their opponents were.
  • The tour guide would offer you a drink at the Blind Beggar where Ronnie Kray killed his rival gangster George Cornell.
  • A golden opportunity would be given to the tourists to purchase memorabilia and souvenirs related to the Kray twin’s history.
  • Much more…

Kray Tour is one of the most desired tours in London. Visitors come from all around the world to take this tour along with some other famous tours such as Jack the Ripper walk, unknown East End walks tour, Street Art London tours and so on. You can book your Kray tour tickets now and visit the Kray history.


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